Week Date Tuesday Lecture Wednesday Lab Thursday Lecture Homework Project
1 27-Jan Introduction A1: Parallel Processing Architectures (Quiz)
2 3-Feb A2: Large Scale Processing on the Cloud (Quiz/Reading) I1: AWS A3: Large Scale Processing on the Cloud (Quiz/Reading)
3 10-Feb A4: Application Parallelism (Quiz) I7: MPI local (Part 1) A5: Designing Parallel Programs (Quiz/Reading) HWA
4 17-Feb B1: Foundations of Parallel Computing (Quiz/Reading) I2: OpenNebula; I3: Docker H1: Hands-on (NO Quiz)
5 24-Feb B2: Performance Optimization (Quiz) I4: Perf. Optimization; I5: OpenACC B3: Accelerated Computing (Quiz)
6 2-Mar B4: Shared-Memory Parallel Processing (Quiz) I6: OpenMP H2: Hands-on
7 9-Mar B5: Distributed-Mempory Parallel Processing (Quiz/Reading) I7: MPI on AWS (Part 2) H3: Hands-on
8 16-Mar
9 23-Mar C1: Batch Data Processing (Quiz/Reading) I8: Hadoop H4: Hands-on HWB Prj: Project team formation
10 30-Mar C2: Dataflow Processing (Quiz/Reading) I9: Spark Local H5: Hands-on
11 6-Apr C3: Stream Data Processing(Quiz) I10: Spark Cluster H6: Hands-on HWC
12 13-Apr Project Proposal Presentation Final Project Project Proposal Presentation Prj: In-class proposal presentation
13 20-Apr Project Design Presentation Final Project Project Design Presentation Prj: In-class design presentation
14 27-Apr Wrapup: (Reading) Final Project Reading Period Begins
15 4-May Examination Period Begins
16 11-May Project Presentation Prj: Final Deliverables/Presentation