CS207: Systems Development for Computational Science

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It is accepted that computation has emerged as the third pillar of science alongside the pillars of theory and experiment. Computational science is maturing rapidly and has found considerable and significant use in supporting scientists from various disciplines (including all engineering disciplines, physics, chemistry, finance, biology, and data analysis to name a few). Many burgeoning scientists are still taught to write "a code" for some problem and to debug when things look wrong. Given the ever-increasing complexity of software solutions to scientific problems, this old paradigm is no longer tenable.

CS207 is an applications course highlighting the use of software engineering and computer science in solving scientific problems. You will learn the fundamentals of developing scientific software systems including abstract thinking, the handling of data, and assessment of computational approaches: all in the context of good software engineering practices.

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Lindsey Brown Bhaven Patel Feiyu Chen Aditya Karan
Email lindsey_brown@g.harvard.edu bpatel@g.harvard.edu feiyu_chen@g.harvard.edu akaran@fas.harvard.edu
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Michael Buch Daniel Inge CJ Xin Cristobal Donoso
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Note: Maxwell Dworkin 1 stands for the open area at the top of the main stairs on the first floor of Maxwell Dworkin.

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Lecture Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Lecture Time: 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM

Room #: Northwest Building B100 (Atrium)

Lectures are mandatory!

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